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Dairy Products

Yeast beta-glucan is a safe and powerful immune- enhancing agent for dairy products. Dairy products are a booming global category. There is a huge consumer demand for dairy products with added benefits. Yeast beta glucan act as a functional ingredient in Yogurt, yogurt beverages, milk and milk beverages, soyamilk beverages, infant formula milk powder.

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition products are now attracting a wider audience of health-conscious consumers. A well-functioning immune system is crucial for athletic performance as well as for an active lifestyle. Yeast beta-glucan is suitable for application in a variety of sports nutrition product formats, such as- Energy bars, Nutrition and Protein bars; Sports & functional drinks, Powdered drinks.

Dietary Supplements

With the deterioration of the environment and aging, the sharp rise in chronic disease and health impairment will be a major global public health challenge. By adding Yeast beta-glucan in your food can improve the body immunity and resistance. Yeast beta-glucan in health food, dietary supplements is much common, mainly for immune regulation, anti-oxidation and other functions.

Functional Foods & Beverages

As a novel food ingredient, yeast beta- glucan can be applied to dairy products, candy, beverages, fruit juice, baking foods and other foods, especially in the elderly functional foods. It acts as a functional ingredient in bakery products, nutritional bars, healthy snacks, functional drinks, probiotic granules.

Baked goods & cereals

Bread and Cake Mixes
Breakfast and Granola Bars

Snacks & Confectionary

Protein and Soy Protein Bars
Nutritional Snacks
Chocolate Confections
Soft Candy.


Meal Replacement Beverages
Fruit Smoothies
Sports & Functional Drinks
Processed Fruit Juices.

Convenience Foods

Soups and Soups Mixes

Other Applications

1. Energy and Protein Bars

2. Functional Drinks

3. Healthy Snacks

4. Functional Drinks

5. Powdered drinks

6. Yogurt

7. Milk and milk beverages, soyamilk beverages

8. Infant formula milk powder

9. Probiotic granules

10. Cake mixes

11. Bread, Deep fried dough sticks

12. Cookies

13. Cereals breakfast and granola bars

14. Nutritional snacks

15. Chocolate confections, soft candy.

16. Meal replacement beverages

17. Fruit smoothies

18. Sports & functional drinks

19. Processed fruit juices.

20. Convenience foods – Soups and soups mixes